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  1. Hi, My printer (epson 1290) have a problem.... It stopped to print some days ago. I mean if i send one order of printing it start normally, but no ink comes out. I search with my friend google, and also on this forum, and i found this problem that i can link with mine: - fuse F1 on main board - print head - stop station of cart ( i don't know how to say in english, i think it's name is pump station or something like that, it use for clean cycles ) - air in the printhead or in the cartdriges Soooooooooooooo, now i explain my experience: 1. i control the fuse F1 on the main board and it's fine, i used a tester set on sound and all works 2. i change the print head with another one ( so that it must be clean) 3. i change also the pump station ( i mean that piece: http://www.sign-in-china.com/data/productcate/160x160/2012-03-16/Roland-FJ-400-FJ-500-FJ-600-Water-Based-Pump-Station-160.jpg ) 4. maybe i have some air in printhead or in my cartdriges.... i really don't know, but i read on internet that i have to do some clean cycles with the utility for let out the air... i did it but no works Can someone help me please???
  2. yeah, now work perfectly.... thank you very much
  3. Hi, i install gimp and gutenprint on my windows 7. My printer is a epson stylus photo 1290. when i set my gutenprint and click on "print" my printer doesn't work. it seems that not receive the order of print. have you got any ideas for resolfve that problem? I translate with google: Я установил Gutenprint на моей Windows 7. При нажатии кнопки печати, мой принтер не выполнить приказ и, кажется, даже не получить заказ, потому что вы не видите в окне ожидания рабочих мест.
  4. hi people. Where you buy textile inks for print on tshirt?
  5. Hey guys, thank you very much to all... With your advices my epson 1290 now works perfectly, and i also can print on Tshirts. If you're interested after i can put some of images of my printer. After holidays i will buy theink for textile and i start with some tests. I have a little question, There are some guides that explain how to use Rip software, videos or something like that for print on Black Tshirts??? I know that i must have with ink and a rip software but i really don't know what i have to do for print an image on a black shirt. Thank you very much and happy new year to all ;D
  6. I have an epson stylus photo 1290. In your opinion what RIP i have to use? Is it true that with RIP i can use also white color?
  7. i try again with ammonia into a syringe. i injected it into the print head. After that i allowed to relax for all night my printer. The day tomorrow i did an head cleaning with the epson utility, and all colours work fine. Only the black in this moment don't work. I tried again with a mix of hot water and ammonia. I will do an head cleaning and after that i write what will happen. But i think that the problem is the black cartridge ok people i try to print an image and i see that black don't work. I can only see a very little little little black band.... so i'm definitely sure that the problem is the cartridge. i will work on it, and i hope to resolve that problem. Sorry for my bad english. ;)Thanks to all that's the best forum about DTG
  8. Hi people. i have built my epson 1290 for t-shirt. All is good, the electronic part work and mechanical too. But something is strange: when i started with a job, my printer worked but ink didn't go out, so i tried to clean the printer heads with hot water, alcohol and ammonia ( in 3 different steps) After that, i started with a new job and my printer did only red dye. So i cleaned again print head and start with a new job. Last time no inks comes down. Someone can help me? Thank you
  9. thanks to all people because with your advices i'm about to finish I have only 3 or 4 little jobs to do and after all will done. https://www.dropbox.com/lightbox/home/printmod i have a question: in an other topic i see that the sensor in the photo is set in another place. Is it right is i put that under the big wheel?
  10. Ok people, my work with asf sensor is finish anddddddddd....... all is good and work perfectly. Thank you very much !!!!! Now me and my friend start to build the wood structure. I have a question: The sliding cart ( i mean the part of wood where i put my tshirt ) must touch the paper sensor, or it's not necessary?
  11. thank you very much, i hope photos and google translate can help me i will give you some news when i finish my work
  12. ok. I see with my brother that's not an essential part, and also thank you for say that. the redlight error was about calibration, infact now all is good. Now i have another problem with ASF, maybe it don't work perfectly because sometimes i shake printer. Project includes the ASF module in the wood structure??? Thank you very much !! i think that's the part that have problems. Is that the ASF module right? https://www.dropbox.com/s/sntvrb2ux5i0bia/2012-11-03-15-00-24.jpg Here is a video that shows how calibration is good, but after give an error..... i think the error is for the asf motor.... what is your advice? http://db.tt/Sbb8ALst Ok, good news i work on my printer and now is working. I'm building the wood structure, have you got any advice for asf motor and paper sensor??
  13. well i think that's not the paper sensor. i think that is the sensor of stop running ( i circle it in the photo ). When i turn on the printer that goes up and down when the shaft rotate. If i remove that shaft printer give me a red light error. And i have another question: Where i must put on the wood structure the ASF sensor?
  14. Hi everybody, my name is emanuele, and i'm italian. I start to modify the epson 1290, and i have seen that there are so much threads about that printer. I use google translate from russian to italian but i don't understand very much. My email is brilli.emanuele@hotmail.it My skype is: brillishow You can find me also on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emanuele.brilli.1 after i will posts some photos of my work and i explain my problems. I hope someone can help me. Thank you very much and compliments for this fantastic forum. P.S. sorry for my bad english hi again. Today i have worked on my epson 1290. I think now is ready for pull on the wood structure. But i have a problem. If i remove the shaft with sensor ( you can see it in the photos ), my printer give me a "redlight led" error, and stop his work. In all the guide, videos, photos and other about the DTG homemade epson 1290 i saw that shaft off from the printer. how can i resolve that problem?