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  1. Аппаратный ключ аппаратного ключа версии 9 не работает с версией 10 Взломанный китайский ключ не работает с v10
  2. Try Digital Factory Apparel Edition. It has P600 drv.
  3. Which AcroRIP versio are you using?
  4. I think that was jailboken! You can try with Digital Factory from CADlink. This RIP supports Epson 1410 Sublimation & Epson Photo Stylus 1410
  5. I am supplying full unlocked models version.
  6. Once files is modified/patched and repack that security/antivirus will detect file as a trojan or unsafe file.
  7. It means version is not unlocked at all! nter> <printer name="Stylus L1800" driver="escp2-L1800" manufacturer="Epson" model="80"> <parameter type="float" name="Gamma">0.470</parameter> <parameter type="float" name="Density">1.0</parameter> </printer> L1800 is supported since version 9.0
  8. There does have Eye-One driver in /Util folder of Flexi, you should check it.
  9. Link is still alive, I am talking above yadi link.